The AULSS is an important advocate for students in relation to all educational matters. In conjunction with the academic resources available at the law school, create additional educational resources born from student recommendations. The Education portfolio places a specific emphasis on First Year Students, ensuring they have a smooth transition into university life, and into the Law School. All Law students are treated to seminars and workshops throughout the year, each one a different topic and hosting a targeted panel of speakers. Upon exam time, morning teas and ‘exam top tips’ are provided to ensure our students are the most prepared they can be when entering a stressful time. Our students thrive in Law School knowing that they have these additional resources.

For more information, please contact

2020 Portfolio

Peter Tantalos


Imogen Tonkin,  Oliver Hales

Mature-Age Representative:

Meaghan Prefontaine

First Year Representatives:

Bryan Lau, India Whitton

COVID-19 Response
  • Your Education Portfolio is dedicated to ensuring that you are provided with the resources and materials needed to assist you in writing and referencing your legal assignments and researching effectively. Thus, we will be adopting an 100% online approach in semester 1 with materials and resources being made available via the AULSS social media platforms.
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