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The Hilarian Magazine is the AULSS’ entirely law student-run, satirical magazine. With a team of 3 editors, and as many sub-committee members as they can strong-arm into participating, the Hilarian is a commentary on the life of a Law student, and an outlet for its contributors and readers alike. Our magazine is dedicated to making long days a little shorter by providing laughs, and the over-arching message that the Law school experience is both universal and unifying.

The 2020 Hilarian Magazine Editors are: Bianca Tramaglino, Christiana Michaels, Hugo Chapman.

The 2020 Hilarian Sub-committee Members are: Angelica Bollella, Cecilia Tran-Pham, Grace Jin, Janyc Tai, Joana Stankevicius, Lachie Blake, Luke Zounis, Maddie McShane, Megan Vuong, Olivia Edmonds, Sofia Arlotta and Will Broderick.

2020 Issues:


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