Welcome to our new Committee Members!

Following a call for nominations last December, I would like to welcome and introduce our new committee members.

The process through which students can be appointed to the committee was changed during last year’s AGM. This change was implemented to ensure that all appointments (outside of the annual election) are transparent and fair. I received a total of 39 applications for the seven vacant positions and would like to welcome the following students:

  • Mitchell Brunker (Competitions Representative)
  • Jack Eccleston (Competitions Representative)
  • Olivia Jay (Careers & Sponsorship Representative)
  • James Williams (Careers & Sponsorship Representative)
  • Claudia Boccaccio (Communications Officer)
  • Georgia Penglis (Social Justice Representative)
  • Daniel Barlett (Mature Aged Representative)

Thank you to everyone who applied! The Executive and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your applications.

Alison Jones