2017 was a mammoth year for the Adelaide University Law Students’ Society, and in the final moments of the 2017 term of office, the outgoing committee has launched our brand new, sparkling website – welcome!

This year’s committee was innovative and enthusiastic about we could make the law school experience this year above and beyond. New initiatives, such as extra learning resources, more social events, mixed sports, and social media competitions meant that our fellow students were more engaged with the law school as a whole, and had a chance to mix with more like-minded people and foster new friendships. Our Law School Local initiative has taken off – simply because, who doesn’t love a good food and drink deal?! We are proud to associate with, and support, local Adelaide businesses, and you can check out the deals on the ‘Law School Local Page’.

The incoming 2018 committee has big plans, and are excited about what the year brings. We are so passionate about representing the law school student body, and can’t wait to execute new ideas to cement the law schools years as being the best in your life.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and New Year. We look forward to seeing everyone in Ligertwood in 2018!