Social Justice

The Social Justice Portfolio of the AULSS aims to provide students with a wide variety of opportunities to engage with issues of social justice – within the legal sphere and beyond. In previous years, these opportunities have included themed social justice breakfasts with guest speakers and participation in the JusticeNet Walk for Justice fundraising event.

As enacted through the 2019 AULSS Annual General Meeting, 2020 sees three previously separate entities joining the Social Justice Portfolio: Equity and Wellbeing Officer, Indigenous Officer, and Mature Age Representative. We are confident that these additions to our team will ensure their prominence throughout all events and endeavours.

If you would like to know more about the AULSS and Social Justice, please contact

2020 Portfolio

From L-R: Natasha Slater, Elliette Kirkbride (Director), Cecilia Tran-Pham. Absent: Sofia Arlotta, Alexander Arthur,

COVID-19 Response
  • Semester 1 events are postponed until further notice
Textbook Fund:

Please note that the AULSS Textbook is now live. This fund seeks to support students who can identify themselves being in financial need and thus, unable to provide themselves with textbooks for their studies. For more information about the fund, eligibility and how to apply, please follow the link here .

Volunteer Guide:

The Social Justice Portfolio is proud to present its Volunteer Guide for 2020. The guide contains outlines for various Adelaide-based community legal and non-legal centre programs.

Please find the guide here.

Equity and Wellbeing

Officer:  Alexander Arthur

Under the Social Justice Portfolio lies the the position of an Equity & Wellbeing Officer. The purposes of this role is to bridge the gap between the AULSS and the student body in regards to wellbeing, highlighting the importance of self care throughout the duration of ones legal studies.

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