Law School Local

We’re yet to find students who don’t enjoy discounted food, drink, and clothes. A new initiative in 2017, the Law School Local was developed in conjunction with some favourite spots for students in close proximity to the University. To utilise the deals, a Law School Local Card can be acquired through any committee member by contacting us.

Disco Mexico Taqueria


$8 for 9 holes weekday discount, $5 beer/wine deal on weekdays.

$10 Frozen Margaritas, $5 Glenelg Gold, $20 Sangria bottles, 2 for 1 Bounty Shots.

Friday FREE entry before 11pm, VIP line, $5 first pour before 11pm; Saturday FREE entry before 10pm, HALF PRICE after 10pm, VIP line.

$12 Lunch Menu (Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week), $5 selected beers.

10% discount Mon-Thurs from 4-7pm, various drink specials, cheese platter deal.

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